Wednesday, October 17, 2007

England’s hopes for Euro 2008 disappear in four minutes

Has England lost its chance to qualify for Euro 2008? A devastating loss on the artificial field at Luzhniki Stadium 2-1 to Russia takes their fate out of their hands and now they need Israel to upset the same Russian club on Nov 17 or they will be forced to watch the Euro 08’ from home. Numerous questions surround the game including, should it have been a penalty kick or just a free kick? The replay indicates Roman Pavlyuchenko was outside the box when he was taken down by Rooney. Also, should Steve McClaren resign? And lastly, how does this team, which such high expectations, end up needing and upset by someone else just to get in to Euro 2008? England, which would have qualified with victory, has only a game against Croatia on Nov. 21.


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