Wednesday, March 31, 2010

EPL heading towards a ‘Super Bowl’ of its own

Although most sports fans in the states will be looking at April as the month that host the NCAA Championship, beginning of the NBA Playoffs, and the Master’s Golf Championship, and in that order, all true fans of great sport should mark one more day in the month. April 3rd, will in all likelihood decide the English Premiere League Champion as Manchester United will host Chelsea. Currently sitting 1 and 2 respectively and separated by only one point, so if there is a victor on the pitch the 6 point swing will surely prove to have provided the eventual margin of victory for the EPL Champion. Untied will have plenty of distraction prior to the match as it’s sandwiched between Champions League matches with Bayern Munich in a home-n-home that couldn’t have come at a worse time. On the other side the Blues will not have to carry the same burden with their FA cup meeting with ‘Villa coming after the showdown with Man U. Of course, all bets are off now that Rooney has gone down with an ankle injury. It’s not going out on much of a limb, but with no Rooney we like the Blues chances to close things out in their head-to-head. In all likelihood this will be the finale of a great season with the top 4 sides battling most of the year within six points, but Man U and Chelsea have separated themselves from the pack. However, generating much interest is the run for the Champions League Pre-Qual between ‘Spurs and ‘City who are only separated by 2 points. Both of these questions will be answered over the next 10 days, but probably talked about over the next 10 years.