Monday, April 5, 2010

EPL Summit Meeting leaves all feeling ‘Blue’ - Chelsea vs. Man U.

The most anticipated EPL match of the season took place at Old Trafford this weekend as Chelsea all but sealed up the EPL title with a ‘ginormous’ 2-1 win over Manchester United. We mentioned earlier in the week how Man U had the daunting task of taking 2 of 3 huge games back to back, as the afore mentioned EPL showdown was sandwiched between Champions League Matches with Bayern, and now they find themselves in a dubious 0-2 position with only the last leg of a head-to-head left. On top of the pressure United had to deal with the loss of Wayne Rooney which obviously changes the dynamic of their club but so did the Blues as Drogba was reduced to limited duty but came though despite coming off the bench, by scoring a controversial goal mid-way through the second half to give Chelsea a 2-0 lead that would prove to be the winning margin of victory. In what has become the norm in matches of great importance, critical (non)calls that have been missed by the naked eye but clearer than 20/20 on replay, have dire consequences for the side on the short end. Even in another match is not played until June, this subject will emerge every time they name the World Cup participants and Ireland watches from home. It makes no sense that millions of fans watching from the comfort of their home or chaos of a sports bar see 30-seconds later that Drogba was off-side, yet we have to live with a tainted result. I understand the opponent’s argument about taking the ‘human element’ out of the game but with so much on the line isn’t it more important to get it right? If that’s not a good enough argument then what about the fact that the game itself is being overshadowed by a bad, missed, or distorted call? Do you think people will be talking about France’s qualifying match three years from now or the worst (non)handball since the “hand of God”? In any case Chelsea had given themselves a 2-point lead with 5 to play and may be hoisting a trophy soon. Now I’m not saying that Man U. is dead… after all it is Easter weekend, but we may be talking about something else three years from now as well. Has Chelsea just wrapped up the EPL? Should they adopt instant replay in the EPL? Let us know your thoughts here and in any of the quick links.