Friday, May 7, 2010

Now EPL has it’s own “Super Sunday”

The argument by many on the left side of the pond that what the EPL needs is a playoff or a one-game final will get what they’ve been looking for this Sunday as the 38-game EPL season will culminate the weekend and crown a champion. However, unlike in most years where the issue has already been decided, this season’s table has the top two sides separated by one single point with one match to play. The Blues of Chelsea will host Wigan while Man U. host Stoke City, well it’s not much of a Super Bowl more of a first round NCAA Tournament matchup as it’s a 1 vs. 15 and 2 vs. 10, so we’d be looking for the equivalent of the 69’ Jets to get an upset of this caliber but the fact that it could happen makes you want to watch all the more. Both sides should handle their business rather easily, but if they concede an early goal and then the visitors ‘pack it in’ defensively we could be in for some serious drama. Ok, maybe not but the fact that the season has needed until the second week in May to decide a champion ads fuel to the argument that a ‘playoff system’ simply takes the importance away from the regular season and why should a team get a second chance to become champion when they didn’t take advantage of the opportunity the first time around? On second thought, forget all of this, as the game and the system have been around longer than the argument so sit back and enjoy the day.