Monday, June 14, 2010

Perhaps it was England who were lucky to escape with a draw?

For the last 180 days since the groups for the 2010 World Cup groups were announced the headline match on two continents was the first game between the US and England and the hype machine was in full swing. The miracle of 1950, the disparity in win/loss, goals, and cup championships made a great storyline for that whole David vs. Goliath thing. However in reality, England wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, at least they didn’t play that way. Yea, for any soccer fan their line-up was full of household names but (and sorry to soccer fans for drawing a correlation to another sport) but I have to preface this by stating that this is the same scrutiny the US Olympic Basketball team gets for every game, and when you break out the best champagne you had better give fans a reason to celebrate and upon review, that was hardly the performance of a dominating side let alone the 7th ranked country on the planet. Ok, gift goal aside the US still had chances and Jozy sneaks that shot in near post 7 out of 10 times so it easily could have been 2-1 and then England really would have be facing a nation-wide suicide watch. True England did control possession (54%-46%) and outshot the US 18-13, but US exposed kinks in England’s armor, which is how slow they are in the defensive backfield and their lack of experience playing together, but all I’ve been reading is how Green GAVE the US the tie which is not the case, and keep in mind that the US didn’t play it’s best game either. So note to both sides, the US needs to get of their “underdog” horse and realize they are supposed to win these next two games, and England needs to recognize that the matches aren’t played on paper and they don’t look like best team in the group let alone the world so far. What are your thoughts on the first round of games so far? Let us know here and in any of the chat rooms and quick links.
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Here is the latest:

We know Big 12 is staying together as 10. But here are the facts as of right now:
-Texas Tech has yet to commit to this new deal; he is hoping they do so later today. (I believe their Board of Regents meets today?)
-There is no official agreement from all the schools to stay together, just promises, handshakes, and commitments. Technically, this means there is still room for negotiations with other conferences, should a school still be inclined to leave.

-There are no concrete numbers on the new television deal; it is all based on just estimates. I guess no one in the A&M leadership has ever heard the phrase, "Make sure you get that in writing?"

-The "Forgotten Five" (Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State) are going to take their portion of the penalty payouts from Nebraska and Colorado and give them to Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and texas. Yes, you read that right, those five schools are so happy to be able to remain in a BCS conference, they are bribing A&M, OU, and texas to stay here with them.

-Beebe said several times that Texas A&M, Texas, and OU all had other conferences looking at them, that all three had other options, so it was essential to give them a bigger piece of the revenue pie to keep them in the Big 12.

-Beebe was asked how he would respond to people who said this whole situation was just a major power play by Texas? His response was, "Texas has a lot of influence.

$$$$$$ Big Three get it all - the rest get Bo(didley)

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