Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spanish continue to own the English when the metal is at stake

On paper it was it may have been 1-1 at halftime but it seemed like Barcelona had a the lead as the constant pressure of trying to keep up with the pace set by the Spanish side looked to be wearing on Manchester United. When Wayne Rooney scored to even the match with just over 10 minutes to in the half it looked like Man U. had seized the momentum but they were unable to add another before the break and Barcelona made some adjustments at the break, then came out and dominated the second session. The win not only marked Barca’s reign as the best in the world but continued the Spanish string of victories over English sides then hardware is at stake to 5, going back ten years to when Liverpool beat Alaves 5-4 in the UEFA Cup Final in 2001. It was more precision than power football, which is exactly the way the Devils rolled through the EPL this season, but David Villa, Xavi, and Messi beat them at their own game. So now the two sides both have questions to answer, what can Barca do to continue its stigma as the best in Europe, as winners of three of the last six Champions League titles? Going forward what can Man U., or other English sides for that matter, do to step their game up one level to match clubs like Madrid, Barca, and Inter when the chips are on the table? Fergie gave them all the credit but you can tell he was fuming and will have some more weapons at his disposal next time around. Cross town, Chelsea is singing the blues about their second place finish in the EPL and making moves as Carlo Ancelotti has been sacked for “failing to reach expectations” so they may be going into a restructuring period. In the meantime is there anyone out there to derail the Spanish train? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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