Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This ain't your Daddy's EPL

Who could have imagined that eleven matches into the EPL season,
Liverpool and Arsenal are not qualifying to compete for any hardware,
City are not only unbeaten, but sitting atop the EPL table by five
full points and coming off the worst beating of Man U since (insert a
non-offensive analogy here), and the Blues are already so far back of
the leaders that moves are being contemplated on how to get back into
the mix. It’s the type of season that perpetuates the fairy tale for
the fans of a second division club being promoted and someday actually
becoming relevant while having the football purist calling for another
pint at the pub to help eliminate any remaining traces of the latest
failure to get a decision. All the while an entire generation is
turning over in their graves over what has become of the old guard
this season, no doubt this is not your Daddy’s EPL.

I suppose it should be stated that I’m not a cynic but I would be
remised if I didn?t state the obvious that there is a serious lack of
parity that has become as prevalent as those who never walk alone,
strolling with the Gunners down in 6/7th place. If you look at the
correlation between the top of the table and those facing regulation
it looks like oscillating stock market days this year with Everton,
Bolton, Blackburn, and Wigan with three wins out of the last 18
combined, while City, U, New Castle, and Chelsea are the exact
reciprocal, and the middle of the pack is not much of a middle at all
with 8th place Aston Villa needing to double their season output and
still be one point out of the top spot. It is truly some big fish at
the top getting fat off a lot of feeder fish at the bottom.

Understandable the season isn’t half over and I’ve already eliminated
75% of the field but unless some sides make dramatic moves or the top
of the table suddenly forget what got them there, this is going to be
a three maybe four horse race for the majority of the campaign with
the only drama being who qualifies to salvage their season with
tournament hardware and who fights to stay above the water level, and
that’s not worth watching. You may not agree with me but your father
would understand.

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