Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chelsea vets bring the Blues back from the brink

Bayern were riding the crest of a ruckus crowd, taking advantage of being the host nation that has the good fortune of reaching the finals. As expected the German side came out swinging and looking for the first round knockout controlling nearly 60% of the possession in the first half and had Chelsea taking a standing eight count. However the Blues regrouped and the break and made it more of a give and take but when Thomas Muller bounced in a header with seven minutes to go it looked like and sounded like the result was inevitable. But then the Londoners got huge plays from the ol’ guard that was supposed to be long since past their prime, starting with the man in the middle Didier Drogba who scored on a header ironically Chelsea’s first of the match witch came in the 88th minute, to further point out Bayern’s dominance. Needless to say the Ivorian made the most of it and equalized then suddenly the chill of possibly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory submerged the nearly seventy thousand at Allianz Arena. Then it was Petr Cech’s turn to bail out his brother in arms after Drogba tried to give back his equalizer with a bad foul on Robin while in the box but Cech was on point on the penalty kick and the game went into extra time, then PKs. Much like the first 90 minutes it looked bleak for the Blues to start shootout as Bayern converted then stopped and they were once again on their way. But Cech was on his game, guessing the right direction each time but letting the first two get past him. Then game the big save to even things up and you could see the noose getting tight on those red jerseys. Then in the final frame the studs stepped up for each side and Cech guessed right again, for the sixth time, and Schweinsteiger was stopped cold, the man in box had done his job then he handed it back to “da man” in the bottom of the fifth frame and Drogba polished the game championship off as Neuer was not in the vicinity of kick and left hopelessly to look back and the ball hoping it to sail wide but it was square in the back of the net. For a player who was reduced to a part-time player in the eyes of the previous management, Drogba came through when the Club, city, and history needed it most as did the box man who was too old and too slow to hold his own. But instead of seeing the flaws when the lights were the brightest they vets looked like the classics they are.

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