Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Man City 'Living the Dream' for the 2nd time in 3 years

April 15th is the day taxes are due in the United States it is often seen as a day of reckoning for many and one most want to forget. For Manchester City fans it was worse as Vincent Kompany’s fan on a crucial clearance proved to be the difference in a 3-2 loss at Anfield to start the weekend, placing Liverpool five points clear of City who appeared to be so distant that Captain Fantastic and his closest friends declared the title race to be over as they held on and the team huddle at the end, with an emotional Gerrard offering his words of wisdom accompanied by chants of 'We're gonna win the league'. They seemed almost confirmed after City followed up the loss with a draw with Sunderland taking all eyes off of them and placing them firmly on Chelsea who seemed to be the only worthy adversaries left. Then came the match that will haunt the Blues all summer, an inexcusable 1-0 defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace and then two matches later Sunderland reared its fangs again and took out Chelsea 1-2 ending their quest for another title. Then with nothing but the tape in front of their eyes as they sprinted towards the finish they pulled a Lolo Jones and tripped over one of the last hurdles by losing at home to Chelsea in a match that surely would have sealed it for the them. Now with the door open we’ve come full circle and City walked right through it by going 5-0 after the afore mentioned draw with Sunderland parlaying a very favorable schedule where only one opponent was on the top end of the table, and even then Villa was their easiest match down the stretch. Although it wasn’t as dramatic as their Championship Sunday miracle two years ago, their second championship in three years equally impressive considering the comeback after being cast away as contenders. Now the question turns to weather or not they can repeat the feat in 15’? Until then they, like the once infamous Kompany stated, “are living the dream”.